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Kokoro Connect 6: My Love-Hate Relationship with Iori Nagase.

It’s been two and a half whole weeks since my last post, and Kokoro Connect hasn’t once stopped growing in popularity—especially with the advent of Iori’s near-death experience last week. But for all the maturing both she and the show as a whole have done lately, one fact remains steadfastly true to me: I still […]

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Kokoro Connect 3, and Why This Show is More Than the Sum of Its Flaws.

As of earlier this week, body-switching, confess-to-yourself-in-a-girl’s-body anime Kokoro Connect has passed the more traditional checkpoint for anime reviews with the release of its third episode. Thus far, the majority has made it pretty clear that this show has a lot of issues; common examples include the clichéd plot device, somewhat shoddy animation, and miserable […]

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A Toast to Those Who Lose Themselves to Oblivion; Sword Art Online, Episode 3

Another week, another episode of Sword Art Online—and it looks like this time, the pace has really picked up quite a bit. We’ve jumped a full four months ahead in time, and the rate at which the players are clearing floors has increased exponentially; while it isn’t directly stated during the episode what floor Kirito […]

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Upsetting the Balance of the Arcana Famiglia: Episode 1, Part 1

Over the course of centuries, the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana have come to symbolize one Helluva lot of things, both individually and as a whole. They enumerate the different forces affecting our lives, and all the different forms they take. Laid back-to-back, they flow together to tell the story of the Fool’s Journey […]

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Playing a Game With Power and Death: Exposing the Morality of Players in Sword Art Online, Episode 1

To be fair, the typical consequences of dying in an MMO are already horrendous enough. Loss of hard-won equipment, or experience, perhaps even being parted from the shiny, shiny gold you love so much—many a veteran player has to fight down a fearful shiver and an instinct to triple-check their money pouch at the mere […]

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