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The Piecing of a Masterpiece; a Tag-Team Defense of Fiction. Hyouka, Episode 13

This really isn’t something I should be getting offended by, to be honest. I should really just ignore it, and move on with my day. After all, everyone has opinions—potentially stupid ones that involve sullying the value of not just anime, but all works of fiction as a whole. But still just opinions—and who am […]

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“Because I’m the Hero Aincrad Deserves…”; Sword Art Online, Episode 2

While it’s only been a week since our first expedition into the MMO-world of Sword Art Online, a whole month has already passed in-game—and one Helluva lot of stuff has happened while we’ve been away. To kick things off, the total casualty count has hit two thousand players, meaning that a full fifth of the […]

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Diary of an Anime Lived– Ano Natsu De Matteru: “We Did It For Us.”

The following post is an entry in DigitalBro’s ‘Diary of an Anime Lived’ series–an open project for anime bloggers with the dual purpose of expressing the author’s honest feelings about an anime and evaluating it as it relates to our own lives. This is actually my second entry into the series–the first was written two […]

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