Playing a Game With Power and Death: Exposing the Morality of Players in Sword Art Online, Episode 1

To be fair, the typical consequences of dying in an MMO are already horrendous enough. Loss of hard-won equipment, or experience, perhaps even being parted from the shiny, shiny gold you love so much—many a veteran player has to fight down a fearful shiver and an instinct to triple-check their money pouch at the mere […]

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Diary of an Anime Lived– Ano Natsu De Matteru: “We Did It For Us.”

The following post is an entry in DigitalBro’s ‘Diary of an Anime Lived’ series–an open project for anime bloggers with the dual purpose of expressing the author’s honest feelings about an anime and evaluating it as it relates to our own lives. This is actually my second entry into the series–the first was written two […]

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