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A Toast to Those Who Lose Themselves to Oblivion; Sword Art Online, Episode 3

Another week, another episode of Sword Art Online—and it looks like this time, the pace has really picked up quite a bit. We’ve jumped a full four months ahead in time, and the rate at which the players are clearing floors has increased exponentially; while it isn’t directly stated during the episode what floor Kirito […]

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“Because I’m the Hero Aincrad Deserves…”; Sword Art Online, Episode 2

While it’s only been a week since our first expedition into the MMO-world of Sword Art Online, a whole month has already passed in-game—and one Helluva lot of stuff has happened while we’ve been away. To kick things off, the total casualty count has hit two thousand players, meaning that a full fifth of the […]

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Playing a Game With Power and Death: Exposing the Morality of Players in Sword Art Online, Episode 1

To be fair, the typical consequences of dying in an MMO are already horrendous enough. Loss of hard-won equipment, or experience, perhaps even being parted from the shiny, shiny gold you love so much—many a veteran player has to fight down a fearful shiver and an instinct to triple-check their money pouch at the mere […]

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