The Author

An anime fan for as long as he can remember (with nothing to prove he wasn’t conceived this way), Summer Satellite weaseled his way into the aniblogging community in the hopes of giving a more intellectual structure to his rantings. That, and actually doing something productive with the intense surplus of thoughts and emotions he’s always left with after watching anime. He dabbled in anime blogging for a short time as a youngster, but ended up putting off getting addicted to getting involved in the community until he was older. He’s responded (with one level of enthusiasm or another) to many a screenname over the years, including ‘EternalBlackout’ and ‘WithGrandeur’–and though he’s trying his hardest to finally lay those names to rest, he’ll gladly chat with anyone who actually, miraculously remembers him from somewhere. On the off chance you can’t find him far more engrossed in an anime series than he should be, he’s likely just as absorbed into a novel, movie, or something of the like. More often than not, that includes some form of competitive gaming–his current addiction is League of Legends, though he’s really just waiting for someone to suck him back into the fighting game community.

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